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The Old Manor is easily accessible along the SP Fastello that connects it with the town of Montefiascone (VT), about 3 Km municipality. The entrance to the property is located directly on the mentioned road which is about 200 meters from the building through a viable avenue internal gravel.

The City of Montefiascone is located on Lake Bolsena and is known for its wine east-west. The lake also overlook the beautiful villaged of Martha, Capo di Monte and Bolsena, rich in history. It is the largest volcanic lake in Europe with two islands (Bisentina Martana) and a river outlet. It has a total area of 113.5 square kilometers (fifth in Italy) and is 305 m above sa level, has a maximum depth of 151 m and an average depht of 81. It 'been shown by a major French weekly that lake with the cleanest waters of Italy, it is in fact entirely swimming and walking with small boats. The cleanliness of the water (on site is called "the lake with a drink!") Has guaranteed and extraordinary development of plant and animal species almost completely disappeared in other basins.

The City of Montefiascone has gone distinguished were encountered traces of Etruscan and Roman (ancient Cassia road running through it needed to get to Florence from Rome), but its peak it to be placed between the Middle Ages (Frederick Barbarossa has passed as well as Henry V while traveling to Rome for his coronation as ruler of the Holy Roman Empire as well as his faighful counselor Bishop Johannes Defuk - he was responsible for the definition of the east-west as instructed bu the king who followed him may notify wine particularly good with ' indication east, he found that the local is so tasty that impart the double mention of east-east- which last moved there permanently and is buried on the spot) and the early Renaissance. Over the years, in fact, Montefiascone became one of the most important centers of the church so that many popes resided in the fortress (now open), especially Pope Martin IV, who resided continouosusly and ambellished enough to make it into a palace. In addition to the papal fortress, the town is steeped in history and mysticism (is crossed by the Via Francigena, the Cathedral has the third largest dome in Italy after St Peter's in Rome and Santa Maria Novella in Florence, the church of St. Flavian dates back to 1000, consists of two superimposed buildings, two churches genuine oriented in opposite directions relative to each other, which gave inspiration for the next similar construction of the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, etc.).

Montefiascone is also strategically located for visiting central Italy distando 10 Km from Viterbo (note city of the Popes. From this comes the term capital conclave because you locked the Viterbo cum clave, the cardinas decided not to appoint a nw the Pope. The city also offers the possibility of using the notes Terme dei Papi and a fully-equipped golf course); 30 and then from Umbria Orvieto; 40 from the sea and Tuscany; 80 from Rome; 60 from the mountains of Monte Amiata. Other attractions nearby are to be mentioned, among many Civita di Bagnoregio (the rying city -is located 16 Km); Caprarola (for the famous Palazzo Farnese - is 35 Km); Bagnaia (to visit the Villa Lante - is 18 Km) and so on.

Tourist center with its restaurants, both in the village and the lake, shops and cinemas also calendarizzate in the summer, among others, two international shows: the film festival and wine festival.

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